Teen – Stacey

Can’t actually believe what Im doing?! Wow if I get caught I’m definitely gonna lose my job!! She’s 18 and I’m 32!! Don’t usually go for teens but I can’t help it, she’s just too damn sexy!! It started last week, she came to the office, we didn’t speak, but our eyes met, couldn’t take my eyes off her!! Her long dark hair, her dark eyes and her amazing body!

She went into the boss’s office. Was she getting a job here?! Hope so!! It was nearly time to finish work so I finished off what I was doing but not wanting to go, I wanted to see her again! As I walked past the top mans office he came out, and asked if I could drop his daughter home on my way home?! His daughter?? Wtf..I was gutted..definitely out of bounds or so I thought!! We drove in silence, but I couldn’t help looking at her sexy long legs as we drove, wanting them wrapped round my neck!! We arrived at the house, she turned looked at me and asked if I wanted to come in? I was confused but the look in her eye made me know what she was thinking! I followed her into the house and immediately she was pulling at my clothes and kissing me hard! Before I knew it we were both naked and she had my dick in her mouth, god she was good, I could of came there and then! But I wanted to know what her pussy felt like so I got her on all fours and thrust deep into her wet pussy, it didn’t take long before we were both moaning with the most intense orgasm I’ve had and she shook with pleasure!! Wow that was amazing!! Can’t wait for round two!!