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Shemale – Tia

The flight was nearly over..thank god! I hate flying..especially when it’s for work. I had a few drinks so was relatively quite relaxed. We landed and I made my way out of the in a taxi and headed to the hotel. Before going to my room I went to the restaurant/bar area to get […]

Tia, 35

Teen – Stacey

Can’t actually believe what Im doing?! Wow if I get caught I’m definitely gonna lose my job!! She’s 18 and I’m 32!! Don’t usually go for teens but I can’t help it, she’s just too damn sexy!! It started last week, she came to the office, we didn’t speak, but our eyes met, couldn’t take […]

Stacey, 19

Mature – Donna

I could tell he was watching me..I was in the kitchen finishing dinner when my son came home with one of his new friends..not seen this one before..his name was Matt…he was tall and very handsome. My son moaned at me as I was only in my short silky dressing gown..but I was getting ready […]

Donna, 41

Fetish – Lily

This new eye mask was great, I couldn’t see, my legs bound slightly apart, my hands tied..I could only hear my breathing. Where was he?? Then I felt the cold leather strap slowly moving across my back and down to my bare bum..then a sharp tap..that felt nice…I moaned..he spanked me a few more times..he […]

Lily, 26